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If you are ever confused or unclear about a recipe remember:
“When in doubt go with your gut or whatever you have in the fridge”
-Lauren Boucher

Mom’s Tips:
Don’t measure ingredients (especially salt) over the mixing bowl.

Grammy’s Embroidery tips:
It’s not called string it’s called thread.

“People here do not like avocados, and they like this guac”
-Hannah McDonnell (devout guacamole maker)


Watch me cook, craft and try on outfits.

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Buy the crafts I made, mostly knit purses and ear warmers.

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About me

I’m about to lose my job so I decided to make a Youtube channel and website with fresh content.



I am Lauren Boucher. A YouTuber, blogger, foodie, outdoorswoman and so much more! I am based in Providence, Rhode Island, creating content about food, fashion and everyday living.

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