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Grill Ideas


    Grill, Tongs, Large Plate, Grill Basket, Kabob Grilling Basket

    Meals/Sides/Anything You Can Make On The Grill:

    • Pork chops wrapped in bacon, dipped in your favorite marinade.
    • Leftover pasta salad toasted in your grill basket with some pesto and meat!
    • Onions and/or mixed veggies roasted in your kabob grilling basket.
    • Burgers with grilled pineapple and bbq sauce on a bun!
    • Marinated shrimp cooked up in your grill basket.
    • Sausage, onion, peppers on a toasted bun.
    • Grilled corn with mayo, everything but the elote from Trader Joes, and chives (Mexican Street Corn)
    • Grilled pizza with your favorite toppings!
    • Honey Buns, you slap them on the grill, they caramelize and become delicious.