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Rice Krispies Treats


    Mixing Bowl, Pot, Wooden Spoon, Spatula, Circle Pan or Pie Dish


    Marshmallows – Whole Bag (Jett Puffed)
    Rice Krispies Cereal – 6 Cups
    Butter – 3 Tablespoons


    1. Grease circle pan or pie dish with butter.
    2. Measure Rice Krispies cereal and pour into large bowl.
    3. Melt 3 tbs butter and marshmallows on stove until mixture looks like fluff (about 5 minutes.)
    4. Pour melted butter and marshmallow mixture into Rice Krispies cereal.
    5. Stir with buttered spatula until cereal is well coated.
    6. Scrape/pour Krispies into pan.
    7. Press down with buttered spatula so treats are evenly distributed in dish.
    8. Serve like a slice of pie!