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    Cutting Board, Knife, Pan, Dish Towel, Spoon, Bowl


    Plain Greek Yogurt – 1 Cup
    Garlic – 1 Clove
    Dill – 1 to 2 Tablespoons
    Lemon – 1 Tablespoon
    Olive Oil – 1/2 Tablespoon
    Salt – A Few Twists
    Cucumber – 1/2 Cup (a full medium cucumber)


    1. Dice garlic and brown it on a pan with olive oil (about 2 minutes).
    2. Add yogurt, garlic, dill, lemon, olive oil and salt to a bowl.
    3. Peel and shred the cucumber. 
    4. Use a clean dish towel and squeeze out all of the liquid from the cucumber.
    5. Add the cucumber to the yogurt mixture.
    6. Try the dip and add lemon and/or dill to taste!
    7. Enjoy with some pita chips or on a falafel.